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5 Reasons You Should Take Your Vilnius Staycation Now

"Stay.. what?"

The staycation concept has recently grown to be a global trend. A result of the global pandemic situation, “staycationing” is simply taking time off to vacation - whilst staying local to where you normally live.

Now it might seem a bit confusing why you should spent the night in a hotel when you’re 15 minutes away from home, but the staycation concept really takes the hotel experience from convenience - “I need somewhere to sleep tonight” , to an actual adventure experience, where the goal is get away and enjoy a change of scenery.

Just last week we enjoyed our first very own Vilnius staycation at the Hilton Garden Inn Vilnius and totally fell in love with this concept - so we want to share with you!

Here’s why you should think about taking your own staycation:

1. You get to see & sleep in a new place

Let’s face it. In these times, it’s super hard to plan any type of international travel with restrictions changing on a weekly basis. And that’s IF you’re even comfortable with travelling at all.

But as we get cooped up for half of 2020, changing your environment becomes even more important than it was before and will help you refresh!

2. It’s an excuse to do all the small things that make you happy

For us - it’s an afternoon coffee break with a view & a good macaron or two. A pamper session to relax and get your self a task mask.

We all have habits or things we love doing that we just can’t seem to find the time to do whilst we’re in our home environment. Actually planning these activities in - you’ll have no excuse!

3. You’ll get to see what Vilnius’ tourism industry actually has to offer

If you ever have friends coming from abroad that want to stay in their own hotel, on what basis do you make the recommendation for them?

Doing a Vilnius staycation can be a great way to actually explore what accommodation options this city has to offer, so that next time you can actually recommend something you’ve tried!

4. You don’t have to make a three hour journey home

We all love getting away and even a good road trip, but the worst part of the weekend for us is checking out on Sunday afternoon and realising we have a three hour car journey to get home still…

By far - one of the best benefits of a staycation is being just 10 to 15 minutes away from home, which means you can still enjoy the rest of the Sunday afternoon to prep for the week ahead!

5. Supporting Lithuania’s tourism sector

We’ve already seen some of the consequences of COVID-19 what effect it can have on the economy. Obviously the tourism sector is one of those that has been hit the hardest. Not only will your Vilnius staycation let you take time for yourself and get away for the weekend, it will also help support our local economy.

Hopefully we've inspired you to at least think of trying you own Vilnius Staycation and if you do, let us know how you like it!

Happy Staycationing!

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