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Our Favourite Top 3 Beach Clubs in Bali

If you love to sit and stare at the ocean, but hate all of the hassle that can come with a day at the beach like finding a place, renting day beds & the forever question of how to leave your things whilst you go for a dip - then beach clubs are the perfect thing for you. And luckily, Bali is boasting with options!

How it works:

  • Find a club thats in your desired location & book your date of arrival (if necessary, some will be ok to just show up on the day)

  • Pay an entrance fee per person or there will be a set minimum spend per person (which you can spend on food or drinks inside)

  • Once you're inside you have access to all the club's facilities which usually include a pool with great ocean views, comfortable day beds, sun loungers, dining areas, bathrooms, bar & restaurant

  • Most clubs will let you stay for the whole day - but do check this out


Tropicola, Seminyak

The one with the best decor

Retro South Beach vibes

The beach club in Bali that probably stands out the most with its decor, the club was opened in 2018 and despite its incredible warm service, instagram worthy facilities and great food, it tends to be less crowded that the older tourist attracting beach clubs like Potato Head or Sunday's.

Show up early and you should be ok without booking in advance. There's no entrance fee, but a minimum spend of 400K IDR per group is required. This will roughly get you two main's & 2 non-alcoholic drinks for your lunch. Which can be enjoyed from a wide variety of seating choices.

Here's the link to their website just in case you want to book your beach day in advance or check their menu!


Sandy Bay Beach Club, Nusa Lembongan

The one with the most private beach

If white sand beaches & turquoise water is what you're looking for & you happen to be spending a few days on the Nusa Islands, look no further.

The inside of this beach club in Bali will make you feel like you're on a Greek Island, but the vibe & direct access to a nearly private beach just in front of the pool screams south east asia!

Since it's away from Bali's main island, this was the beach club in Bali that we found to be least crowded in our visit. We showed up right after opening time & didn't have an issue with getting one of the day beds right next to the pool & beach view. Their food menu keeps up with the island vibe, serving smoothie & poke bowls as well as a wide variety of drinks & starters.

Once again, there's no entrance fee to Sandy Bay Beach Club, but you'll have to commit to a minimum spend (I believe it was around 400 IDR p/person for the day) if you want a day bed. Although we did see a few people come in just for lunch, in which case no minimum spend & you would just eat at a regular table, but the view is just as spectacular.


Ku De Ta, Seminyak

The one that's perfect for a sunset date

Rounding out a diverse group of our top 3 beach clubs in Bali, Ku De Ta is the most sophisticated of the group. It's infinity pool looks directly onto the beach and perfectly faces the sunset view.

Although you could spend the day here, we found it gets most crowded in the evening, with many of the guests coming for sunset drinks & staying to enjoy dinner and a cocktail atmosphere in the evening. With a very "grown-up" vibe & rather sophisticated food menu (their restaurant is known for their fine dining menu, so people come for dinner), my recommendation - at least bring a nice change of clothes to change into if you're planning to stay in the evening.

If you want a day bed there is a minimum spend, which was actually less than other beach clubs mentioned here. However it is quite pricey, so your minimum spend get's you a drink & an ice cream (both of which are obviously amazing quality).

All together though, Ku De Ta's dining scene, incredible sunset views & sophisticated vibe make it perfect for a romantic evening out!

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