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Things to do in Cold Spring NY, day trips from NYC

Located a 90 minute train ride from Grand Central this walkable town is a great day trip destination. This post walks you through the things to do in Cold Spring NY whether you come for the hiking or just to get away from the city for a few hours.



Hike the amazing Hudson River Views

There are multiple hiking trails you can do here that lead to insane views of the hudson river.

One of the best things to do in Cold Spring NY if you're visiting for they day, is the bull-hill short loop hike which takes about 4ish hours with decent stops along the way. Other trails will be even longer.

When you arrive in town, walk towards Little Story Point on your map. There's a visitors centre there where you can pop in and grab your trail map. Staff is also excellent with recommendations and the trail starts just across the street from the visitors centre. (They also have some minimal snacks to grab for the hike!)

! if you're visiting in the late fall, early spring make sure you ask for information on weather & trail/hiking conditions. We hiked the trail in early December & there was some icy parts to be cautious of!

Time for lunch!

There are multiple restaurants on Main St to choose from and popularity increases, the number of choices for things to do in Cold Spring NY and where to eat is continuing to grow. Here are some highlights:

🍜 For small town local vibes: Hudson Hil's Cafe

🍜 For quality sandwiches with local ingredients: Cold Spring Cheese Shop

☕️ For coffee: Cold Spring Coffeehouse

Explore the riverfront

The town also has a beautiful waterfront promenade that's located at the end of Main St. Just walk down towards the train station & through the underpass to reach the Hudson River. During the holidays, you can find the town Christmas tree here and it's a beautiful spot to enjoy the sunset any time of the year.

Shop local goodies

From books on Hudson Valley living, to hiking gear, unique antiques and local cheeses, Main St is lined with small shops to explore.

Plan about 1.5 hours for this if you want to see everything without having to rush! The shops here add to the town's character, so walking around and exploring them is one of the things to do in Cold Spring NY you can't miss.

The shops also decorate for the holidays, so grab your phone for photos!

Travel & Logistics


Getting here

  • Take the Metro North Hudson Line from the New York City (either Grand Central Station or 125th East Harlem) to Cold Spring

  • Trains run approximately 1 x per hour and all weekend trains are off-peak

  • Tickets cost $30 return pp. during off-peak rides

Getting around Cold Spring town

The small town itself is very walkable, so explore on foot! You can also reach the start of the hiking trails in around 15 min walk directly from the train station.


Happy exploring! As always, if you have any questions on visiting Cold Spring, feel free to leave a comment below!

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