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Traveling Jordan - The Basics

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

We spent 5 days in this welcoming middle eastern gem. Here's everything you need to know.

The basics of travelling jordan

Documents & Visa's

Most passports will be able to get a visa at the border (which costs 40 JD, about 50EUR). However, if you're planning on seeing some sights like Petra, which also have a hefty entrance fee - getting the Jordan Pass is your best option. You can purchase online, print it out or have it on your phone. This gets you a full visa to enter as well as entrance to most of Jordan's main tourist attractions.

What to see & for how long?


A good full 2-3 days is enough here to get a feel for the city, do some shopping, have some food and see the main sights like the Amphitheatre, Citadel and Rainbow Street.

If you're looking for a cheap traditional place to eat that is bustling with locals - Hashem restaurant near the old town is definetly the way to go!

The Wadi Rum desert

If you don't have a lot of time in Jordan, but want to get the full authentic experience, spending a night in the desert is something that is top on our list. It's so peaceful but yet authentic. There are many types of camps where you can stay with the local Bedouin people, ranging from luxury eco-bubble type camps for about 100 JD p.p (240EUR) for the night to very basic tents with fold-up beds for about 10-15JD p.p (15 - 20EUR). If you're on a tight time budget, but are going to venture out of Amman, this is definetely the place to do it. I would recommend 2 nights here just to get a good feel for the whole desert and have time to take a few different tours to various places in the desert.

Try staying at the Rahayeb Desert camp in the Wadi Rum desert.

Petra, Wadi Musa

If you are a history enthusiast and have dreamed about walking around this ancient city since childhood, you'll need a full day or two here. For us, we spent a good 4 hours here, and had enough time to see half Petra and have a calm walk. Tickets are 50JD (but included in your Jordan Pass)

If you get told near the entrance that a horse ride to the treasury is included - thats not true. They'll ask for a big tip at the end. And the walk is quite nice too and will take about 15 minutes. 

Stay in Wadi Musa! It's a small town, but is absolutely perfect for staying the night and getting some dinner in between exploring the surrounding areas.

Stay at the Rocky Mountain Hotel for a simple, cheap stay- with the best view in the city.

Is it expensive?

Prices are similar to those in Lithuania:

Fresh local Coffee- 1EUR

Local street food- 2-6 EUR

Petrol - 1EUR/L

Hostels - starting from 10-12EUR/night

4-5* hotels- starting from 65-150 EUR/night

Rental car for 5 days- from 25 EUR/day

How do I get around?

If you want to see more of the country, one of the best ways to do so is by renting your own car and doing a road trip. Roads here outside of city centres are great, wide and not super busy, which made driving here a comfortable and safe way to explore!

If you need to rent a car is a great platform to book a rental after comparing prices from all major rental companies.

What to eat

Traditional dishes are mostly served in a mezze style, like dips and finger food you can have with bread. Sometimes a piece of plastic is placed over the table, so that you can place your food on the table in an orderly manner instead of using plates.

Hummus (the most amazing ever)

Moutabel - eggplant dip served cold and eaten with bread

Falafel - made from chickpeas, spices and fried

Manakish- a type of flatbread with fillings in the middle or toppings. The cheese ones in particular are delicious, and ones with Zatar (a herb and spices topping) are really popular among locals

Shawarma - like a kebab meat, coming in chicken, lamb options. Have it in a wrap with fries. The seasonings are great!

Mansaf- one of the most interesting dishes I've had, we got shown this dish by a local Jordanian friend. Coming with rice and chicken- the most interesting is the sauce that comes with it. Cheesy, milky, salty, delicious. Definetely recommend you try it. Although fair warning, its a dish that you'll either hate or love.

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