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8 activities to add to your Bachelorette in Barcelona itinerary

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Getting married and having your bachelorette in Barcelona like we were? Or just visiting on a normal weekend to explore? Then this list is for you!

1. Have a hipster'y yet fabulous brunch outside in the sun

chicken wrap with blue and pink aioli

Brunch and Cake - remember this name! Nothing is more important for your bachelorette in Barcelona weekend, than a great meal with the girls. This family run cafe with lots of vegan, GF and veggie options, sweet and savory. Not only is it all delicious, fresh and affordable (main dishes range 8-12 EUR), but the food presentation will have you instagramming for the rest of the week. They have two locations in the city, one near the sea and the other in the L'Antiga Esquerra de L'Eixample neighborhood.

2. Explore and wander the L'Antiga Esquerra de L'Eixample neighborhood

Best done right after brunch (#1) as you'll already be nearby, this part of the city is filled with unique shops, parks and nice cafes. Make sure you visit some of the one-off fashion boutiques, they are filled with fabulous designer pieces that won't cost an arm & a leg but are very unique. There's even a second-had designer outlet selling Gucci, Chanel, Fendi and others.

Also, make your way towards the famous Sagrada Familia church. Since you'll be in this area - don't miss out on the chance to witness the icon of Barcelona in person. Even if you aren't planning on paying the 20+EUR per ticket admission to get in, just seeing it from the outside is worthy - I promise.

3. Eat at the best food market in the world - Mercado de La Boqueria

fresh seafood on ice

Even if you're not total foodies, this market is well worth a stop on your bachelorette in Barcelona.

World known for its food stall presentations this market is always packed. Definitely get here early (opening from 8AM) to have a relatively calm walk around, get some food, and gaze at the beautifully presented fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, sweets...

Top tip - the market is usually cash only, and also known as one of the most common places for pick pockets. So watch your belongings!

Where to stay in Barcelona

Whilst this city can be a bit pricey, it's charm and unique composition of both beach and city life are well worth the spend.

Here are some of our picks:

4. Have a picnic near the Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona

If you go through Barcelona's version of the Arc, behind it is a great park with street performers, benches and some quieter green areas perfect for a relaxed picnic during sunset time. Grab a blanket, some food and snacks on the way there and enjoy the palm tree, sunny chilled out atmosphere of this city.

sunset sky in park with palm trees
The Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona park around sunset time

5. Have dinner and drinks in the Gothic quarter

Now remember, the evening/dinner routine in Spain is most likely different than what you're used to. The locals eat dinner starting at around 9 pm and will stay out for wine and sangria until at least 12 (even on school nights).

What does this mean for your bachelorette in Barcelona weekend?

Well, if you plan on sticking to the normal dinner at 7-8 pm., you'll find its easier to get a reservation (which you should definitely do here). However, if you're looking for a night out on the town, bars won't really get busy until 2-3AM, and nightclubs will be open until 6-7AM.

We tried these places:

Milk bar & bistro. Great for burgers and a cozy nighttime atmosphere, a main and quality cocktail will set you back about 18 EUR per person.

Bodega La Puntual. Loved and visited by locals, here you'll find fresh Spanish tapas made with locally sourced, quality ingredients and a great wine selection. Slightly on the more expensive side, but you're paying for the high quality ingredients and traditional charm. If you split some tapas, have a few glasses of wine, you're looking at around 20-25 EUR per person.

6. Take a Spanish cooking class

Although it might seem that all you eat in Spain is jamon and manchego, like any other culture, it's cuisine is rich with tradition flavors of seafood and local fruits and vegetables. Learning about how to make some traditional food is something you will enjoy not only as an afternoon activity, but also take home with you to share with others.

When looking for cooking classes, I've developed a habit now of looking at what has to offer. Their booking platform has hundreds of classes all over the world & so far, the classes we found there havn't led us astray!

For this trip we took a class run by Barcelona Life, which lasted in total from about 1-3.30 PM. The experience starts at a meeting point near La Ramblas, then - a small guided tour through the Boqueria market to get your ingredients for cooking and learn a few things about the seafood in Spain. After you reach the cooking school - Sangria for everyone! And to go with your refreshing wine drinks, you will get shown how to make pinxtos (small Spanish sandwiches) and of coarse get to eat them.

Then it's on to making the Paella (rice with seafood and vegetables). And whilst it's cooking, you'll also be shown how to make fresh local sangria. YUM!

The class is overall informative and really let's you get hands on with food prep. Our particular group had 14 people in it, which in my opinion could be slightly smaller, as not everyone has the opportunity to be involved at all times, but if you're there have a good time, learn something and have a good meal, it's well worth it!

7. Climb the Castell de Montjuic for sunset and a light show

Another free attraction, visiting the castle of Montjuic and area around it. Have a very comfortable 5 minute walk up to the top of the steps and you shall be rewarded with on the best views in the city. You will be amazed by just the sheer size of Barcelona and how pretty its skyline can look when lit up by the setting sun.

If you stay long enough until 8PM, you will also get to witness an outside fountain light show, if that's the thing you're into.

8. Stroll the marina sea-side & have churros on the beach

Barcelona stands out from other cities (like Madrid) in the fact that you can be walking around historical and rich in architecture streets one minute and then laying on the beach tanning another. One can access one of the cities beautiful beaches in about a 10 minute taxi ride, or 30 minute walk. Maybe even less, depending on where you are in the city. Take advantage! Even if its too cold to be swimming or tanning on your bachelorette in Barcelona weekend, take a stroll along the fabulous palm tree lined marina, with plenty of opportunities to stop for coffee and churros and gaze onto the beautiful sea.


Happy Exploring! xoxo



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