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Undiscovered day trip from Vilnius: Kedainiai

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Most comfortably reached by car (1 hour 45 min from Vilnius city centre), Kedainiai's historic & colourful streets are such a pleasant surprise for a simple & comfy day trip from Vilnius!

Here are our highlights for the day's itinerary.


Walk around the historic & colourful old town

Although it's relatively small, the old town in Kedainiai is no less worthy of your attention than any other old town in Lithuania. It's worth the drive here and will serve as your main attraction for this day trip from Vilnius destination.

Colourful buildings & the main square will make for the perfect backdrop for capturing the weekend moments with your loved ones.


Have coffee & cake at Kavamanija

Located on Didžioji street, Kavamanija boasts in freshly brewed cups of artisan coffee and a modern interior that makes for an excellent location to get your afternoon pick-me up midway through the day trip.

Matching the quality of their coffee, the nice offer of cakes & desserts is also worth discovering. A variety of layered delicacies, brownies, cheesecakes and even a cake filled with eclairs is on offer - ranging from roughly 2-4,5 EUR per piece. The desert menu is updated regularly and according to what's available & in season.

And if you're lucky enough to grab a bar seat next to the window or one of the few tables outside, you'll also get to enjoy a picturesque view with your afternoon treats!


Plan ahead & register your excursion in the "Lithuanian Alps"

A huge manufacturing company called "Lifosa" is stationed here in Kedainiai. The company produces fertiliser and in that process additionally makes Phosphogypsum, which is a by-product of calcium sulfate hydrate.

There is so much of this material (white in colour) that has accumulated & stored on the grounds, that it has formed what look to be vast snowy mountains in the middle of Lithuania. (See them here)

Because the plant is very much operational, they don't just allow anyone to walk around the grounds - but they do run excursions to see and walk around the area. The best way to organise this is to get in touch with the company ahead of time - here is the contact link, and agree a date & time for your tour.

When we visited, we didn't manage to have anything pre-booked, so this is something that won't be missed on our next day trip from Vilnius visit to Kedainiai!


Have a picnic lunch of freshly baked goods

Now the proper dining scene here was not so extensive and most recommended places seem to be booked out by weddings or private events - so a picnic with freshly baked items from the local "grandma's bakery" was the best choice.

Senamiesčio bakery, located on Senoji street 5, makes fresh goods daily and has plenty of variety for sweet & savoury pastries. Definitely try out the meat filled pastries called "kibinai" and traditional sweet pastries with curd & jam.

Hope you enjoy your day trip from Vilnius destination - Kedainiai and don't forget to share your experience with us or ask any questions in the comments of this post!

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