Places to see in southern Iceland on your 8 day road trip: Part 1

Updated: Sep 1

boy staring at glaciers in Iceland

Continuing our Iceland series, having spent a 8 days exploring by car, we're sharing our top places to see in Southern Iceland for your next Icelandic road trip!

Here is days 1-4, with a map of our whole trip at then end:


Keflavik Airport (KEF) is Iceland's main airport, located closest to Reykjavik. It's a 4 hour flight from Vilnius, with cheapest tickets usually on Wizz air. The airport is where you can pick up your rental car (more about cost and what's included on our Iceland page) and can also get a sim card from a news agent's inside.

Stop at a supermarket to get food

Stop at BONUS either before you go to your accommodation (since it closes around 8PM) or early the next morning. We've emphasized how important it is to stock up on food in our Lessons Learned Traveling Iceland post, since supermarkets are rare once you leave for the rest of your southern Iceland road trip. Stocking up on food day 1 will save you not only money, but time and stress trying to find shops later on.

Staying the night

Having arrived late afternoon, staying the night close to the airport for a full fresh day in the morning was the best option.

places to see in southern iceland
Blue View Bed and Breakfast

We stayed at a lovely guest house, where the owners cooked up a fresh breakfast in the morning and we got to chat to fellow travelers around the breakfast table!

Blue View Bed and Breakfast

76 EUR for the night for two of us, which was for a nice double room in a shared house and breakfast.

Just look how cute the view is from the family room!


This peninsula will be a great start to your road trip, covering the southwestern tip of the Iceland coast. Here are the highlights:

The Bridge Between Continents

couple taking a selfie on bridge between two continents in iceland